Fatih Foundation has been actively working in various areas of Pakistan to improve the standard of living for the underprivileged. Fatih Foundation has initiated several community development programs in different regions of Pakistan. These programs include the provision of social welfare, humanitarian aid, community development, education, clean drinking water, sanitation facilities, and the development of infrastructure. Fatih Foundation has collaborated with several organizations to achieve its objectives. Its work has significantly contributed to the development and progress of Pakistan.

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Fatih Foundation has been working in Burma (also known as Myanmar) to provide humanitarian aid and support to the country’s Rohingya Muslim minority. The Foundation has established a number of initiatives, including social welfare, and humanitarian aid, to help alleviate the suffering of the Rohingya people, who have been subjected to widespread discrimination, violence, and displacement. Fatih Foundation’s work in Burma reflects its commitment to promoting peace, social justice, and human rights, and its efforts have been widely recognized.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia hosts a significant number of refugees and asylum seekers, primarily from neighboring countries such as Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. The country has a mixed record when it comes to protecting the rights and ensuring the welfare of refugees and asylum seekers. Refugees and asylum seekers in Saudi Arabia face a number of challenges related to their living conditions, including limited access to basic services such as healthcare and education, and restricted employment and legal rights.



Fatih Foundation has been actively involved in providing aid and relief to the people of Yemen who have been affected by the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in the country. Fatih Foundation has been providing food Aid, Shelter, Medical assistance, and education to those in need. In addition, they have set up various projects to improve infrastructure and social services. Fatih Foundation has remained committed to providing aid and support to the Yemeni people. Through their various projects and initiatives, they have helped to improve the lives of countless individuals and families in Yemen who have been affected by the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis.


We have been working since the beginning of the war toward alleviating the suffering of those displaced in Syria and those who sought refuge outside the country. The aid is being provided via our coordination centers to meet the humanitarian needs of Syrians such as accommodation, clothing, education, nutrition, as well as healthcare. We try to minimize the devastating effects of the war on Syrians through welfare projects that make a palpable difference in people’s lives. In 2018, we touched the lives of 9.2 million people with our projects.

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It is the support of thousands of people close to our hearts that permits us to take action in so many countries across the world. And if it weren’t for the volunteers and philanthropists in Turkey, sustaining IHH’s work and mission would not be possible. Making munificent donations, our benefactors enable us to reach out to the poor and the oppressed in more than 100 countries across the world, including Turkey. In 2018, we realized 68 projects in Turkey, including those within the scope of Eid al Adha and Eid al Fitr. In total, 559,000 people in need benefited from these projects.


In Palestine, a region marked by recurring conflicts and challenges, humanitarian assistance is nothing short of a lifeline. The Palestinian people have endured multiple bombardments, with the most recent one claiming the lives of over 8,500 individuals.

This critical aid and support are made possible through the tireless efforts of various humanitarian organizations, governments, and compassionate individuals. They work in unison to deliver essential resources such as food, clean water, medical supplies, and educational materials, along with emergency assistance during times of crisis.


Afghanistan has suffered a lot with 40 years of prolonged war. The repercussions are extreme poverty, a jobless population, and damaged infrastructure. More than half the population lives below the poverty line, deprived of basic necessities. Fatih Foundation stepped forward with the help of Pak Afghan Cooperation Forum, Red Crescent Afghanistan, and IDDEF, to support the Afghans by providing blankets and warm clothes, distributing ration packages, installing water hand pumps, and facilitating hospitals with medicines. Our various projects within a short time reached the lives of 80 thousand people.