Food Aid:

Fatih Foundation delivers Ration Packages, Hot Meals and Breads in food aid section under one of its Humanitarian Domains. Our ration packages are enough for a small household for 15 days. A ration box comprises of flour, rice, oil, lentils, beans, peas, salt, turmeric, powdered red chili, tea, sugar, and powdered milk. In Hot Meals, cooked food is provided to the vulnerable people. The cuisine is as per the area’s tradition. In bread distribution program, breads are mainly made from an automated bread making plants installed at Turkiye-Syrian border especially for Syrian Refugees. In the Holy Month of Ramazan, Fatih Foundation arranges small scale iftar drives at different locations to facilitate the people fasting.

Non-food aid:

Fatih Foundation delivers in-kind donations under non-food aid program in its humanitarian domains. In winter season, coal projects and blanket projects help the vulnerable people sustain the arctic weather. Distribution of warm clothes and shoes also help people stay warm. Fatih Foundation also collects used clothes from people and delivers it after sorting and repacking. On the occasion of joyful events like Eid, Fatih Foundation spreads happiness among children by gifting toys and new clothes.


Fatih Foundation helps the displaced people with temporary residence in the form of tents. The tents are either installed by Fatih Foundation’s volunteers or given directly to the people needing it. A single tent helps a small family to shade themselves and to live temporarily.


Fatih Foundation supplies medicine free of cost to the patients during its free medical camps. Medical camps are arranged in an area with the help of specialized doctors accompanied by their medical personnel. Fatih Foundations also operates an ambulance that is responsible for on-field OPDs and patient transferring when required. Apart from medical camps, Fatih Foundation sponsors a hospital named Darul Marza at Turkiye-Syrian border for the refugees of Syria.


Fatih Foundation contributes towards the protection and prosperity of Masjid-Ul-Aqsa by endorsing the projects of Mimber Ul Aqsa: Waqf meter project (donating the amount of $1500 endowment to generate
revenue for Masjid-Ul-Aqsa) and Oil for Lamp of Aqsa (donating money of $10).

Water and Sanitation:

Fatih Foundation installs solar submersible pumps and hand pumps to provide drinking water. The pumps are installed as per the need of the area; a submersible pump serves the need of a small town whereas a handpump serves 10 to 15 households. In Sanitation Fatih Foundation fabricates restrooms in public areas having inhumane conditions. Torkham restroom projects is one of its kind.


Fatih Foundation grand project that runs simultaneously in different countries is Waqf Qurbani. Qurbani shares’ prices are calculated as
per the location’s price. Fatih Foundation informs the persons about their Qurbani and distributes the meat among the vulnerable and deprived people of the area. The sacrificial animals include camels, cows, goat, and sheep.


Fatih Foundation spreads both contemporary and traditional knowledge through its literacy program. Fatih Foundation sponsors school in the underprivileged areas and sponsors individual eligible students to carry on the journey of education. It also runs an online seminary which offers specialization Takhassus (Specialization) in Fiqh & Ifta (Islamic legal ruling) as a continuation of the authentic methodology of receiving Sacred Knowledge.