Fatih Foundation Business Forum aims to encourage and promote businesses, mutual understanding between industrial and business communities of Pakistan and Turkiye. It aims to promote joint ventures, initiate partnerships, provide technical expertise and advisory services and organize training and seminars in close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of the two countries.

Our Objectives

  • To create a beneficial marketplace for Turkish & Pakistani Businessmen based on the concept of Muslim brotherhood and mutual growth.
  • To create an alternative marketplace that competes with the Western and Chinese products, brands, and businesses that are monopolizing the market.
  • To create self-sufficiency in food, technology, FMCG, engineering & construction, and medical sectors.
  • To create a generation of entrepreneurs who could support our Muslim Ummat in self-sufficiency and financial independence from the west.
  • To create opportunities to trade in local currencies of both countries or in barter to reduce dependency on the cross-currency trades through USD.

Current Projects

  •  Business and trade seminars in both Turkey and Pakistan.
  • Update businessmen in Pakistan about import events taking place in Turkey.

Future Plans

  •  A large complex named after Sultan Muhammad Fatih on a prime location having a business center, a cultural center, an academic block, a mosque, a logistic center, and a hostel for the students.
  • Joint Turkish-Pakistani cuisine restaurant.