Fatih Foundation Qurbani for Gaza

Why Focus on Gaza This Year?
This year, due to the catastrophic situation in Gaza, the Fatih Foundation has decided to dedicate its entire Fee Sabeelillah Qurbani for our vulnerable brothers & sisters of Gaza. This ongoing conflict has severely impacted the lives of its residents, making it imperative for us to concentrate our resources and efforts here.

Our Mission: 1500+ Cow Shares
Our mission is to raise over 1500 shares of cows for this noble cause. By contributing to our campaign, you are directly helping to alleviate hunger and provide essential nutrition to those who need it most in Gaza. Pay for your Qurbani only and Fatih Foundation will cater for the other expenses itself.

Hygienic Slaughtering and Processing
All cows will be slaughtered in a hygienic environment within designated slaughterhouses. Ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, we prioritize both the health of the beneficiaries and the sanctity of the Qurbani process.

From Slaughterhouse to Ready-to-Eat Meals
After the meat is deep-frozen, it will be sent to a partnering company where it will be cooked and then packed in tins. This process preserves the food with a shelf life of two years, ensuring that the meat remains safe and nutritious for an extended period.

Collaborative Effort and Distribution
Once prepared, the food will be shipped to Egypt. In collaboration with our partnered organization, it will be transported through the Rafah border to reach Gaza. This partnership is crucial for overcoming logistical challenges and ensuring that the aid reaches those in need.

Impact: Reaching Over 22,500 Families
This project aims to provide food for over 22,500 families, reaching a total of 150,000 people. Each Qurbani share will significantly impact the lives of these individuals, offering sustenance and hope in challenging times.

Frequently Ask Questions

Due to the dire situation in Gaza, we have dedicated our Qurbani efforts exclusively to this region. The ongoing conflict has exacerbated food insecurity, making it essential to direct our resources where they are most needed.

The cows will be slaughtered in hygienic slaughterhouses in Karachi, Pakistan. The meat will be deep-frozen and then sent to a company where it will be cooked and packed into tins, preserving it with a two-year shelf life.

The prepared food will be shipped to Egypt and, through our partnered organization, transported via the Rafah border into Gaza. This ensures that the aid reaches the intended beneficiaries efficiently.

Our goal is to provide food to over 22,500 families, serving approximately 150,000 people. This initiative will offer crucial support to those struggling with food insecurity in Gaza.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By donating to the Fatih Foundationā€™s Qurban Campaign for Gaza, you are helping to provide essential food aid to thousands of vulnerable families. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of those who are enduring the hardships of conflict and scarcity.

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