Clean Water

The Gift of Clean Water

In the sun-scorched region of Sindh, a village named Sanghar was facing a dire water crisis. For years, its inhabitants, including Hammad and his friends, struggled to find clean, safe drinking water. Faith Foundation, known for its humanitarian efforts, recognized the urgent need for clean water in Sanghar. Foundation install a community-based hand pump in the village. With easy access to clean water, the lives of the village inhabitants took a transformative turn. Hammad Chandio and his friends were freed from the burden of fetching water from distant locations.

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Success Story Turkey

Sauda gets her Bread

We went to the Turkey border and visit the refugee camps to participate in the Bread project to distribute bread and rations to the refugees living in the camps. We provide rations packs and bread to all refugees and children living in the camp. One of the kids was smiling and clenching her package while viewing the ration and taking the bread. These were the primary bread SAUDA had ever received. Sauda currently started eating the bread that we provided to him. It absolutely was valuable traveling five thousand kilometers to check Sauda’s happiness.

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Success Story Syria

Winter Clothes for Ahmed

We set out for Syria in order to carry out the Ration and winter clothes drive works. It was extremely cold. The children were going to have their cold clothes. They were delighted to receive their clothes. We started giving them their clothes so they wouldn’t have to wait any longer. One of the children was smiling and embracing her package. These were the first new winter clothes AHMED had ever received. AHMED was now dressed in the clothes which we provided to him, a colorful jacket, a purple sweater, and black shoes.

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