Blanket Distribution Drive In Khuzdar, Balochistan.

“Blanket Distribution Drive”
đź“ŚKhuzdar, Balochistan

Fatih Foundation distributes blankets in different areas of Pakistan.

Join us in this cause.

Recently, Fatih Foundation conducted a blanket distribution drive in Khuzdar Balochistan to help those affected by the harsh winter. The foundation distributed over 500 blankets among families who were unable to afford their own due to financial constraints. This is part of the organization’s ongoing mission of helping underprivileged communities and providing relief during difficult times.

The drive was led by volunteers from Fatih Foundation, who traveled far and wide across rural areas in order to reach out and assist those most in need. They worked tirelessly for days on end without any rest or sleep so that they could make sure everyone got what they needed before departing back home safely at nightfall.

The team also provided medical assistance whenever required, as well as food supplies for families living below the poverty line – all with no strings attached whatsoever! They even went ahead and set up makeshift schools where children could learn basic literacy skills while being taken care of by qualified teachers hired through donations made specifically towards this cause alone; something which has been proven time again throughout history that education is key when it comes down improving one’s life quality long-term!

Overall, this initiative was highly successful thanks largely due immense support from locals themselves – both financially & emotionally. We would like to thank each & every individual involved directly or indirectly in making this possible; may Allah SWT bless them abundantly always Amen!

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